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At Mides Financial Group we offer comprehensive leasing services designed to help small and medium sized business take the next step.

What is leasing?

Leasing allows a company to conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purpases such as growing the business. Typically arranging Equipment finance can be done quickly and payment prompthly thus ensuring no costly hold ups on customers Equipment acquisitions. As a result, the repayment terms of a lease can be monthtly, quarterlyor yearly, Rent can be escalating, seasonal, decreasing, etc… Why use your existing line of credit for equipment purchases when, in today’s economy, research and development are the turning point of the company’s success? Use your lines of credit to stay in the mainstream of the industry and allow leasing to be your purchasing tool for both fixed and tangible assets. Lease payment are generally tax deductable in most industries. These considérations are not insignificant. Lease payments are entered in your accounting records as a monthly operating expense (rather than a capital purchase, wich becomes a capital asset in your financial statement) therefore lease payment become 100% deductible as an operating expense. Tax advantages are taken monthly rather than at year end. Let Groupe Financier Mides help you in discovering the many benefits of leasing today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the solutions that will maximize the numerous advantages of leasing as a financing method. Mides Financial Group wide experience in the industry will allow our clients to get a clear picture, to save time and to quickly achieve their projects with highly competive rates. The role of Group Financier Mides is to optimize the financing for their customers by offering a leasing structure that matches the needs identified during the analysis process. We consider the Financial position of the company and the type of Equipment to be financed. Trust Group Financier Mides, we guarantee a Professional and efficient service.

In partnership with Affiliated Financial Services:

 In partnership with Affiliated Financial Services:

The advantages

Operating in the leasing services for over twenty years. Mides Financial Group has world class partners and offering very competitive financial products and with leasing quality services.

Mides Financial Group is a member of the leasing industry since 1989 . Mides Financial Group has established trusted relationships with solid Partner in order to have all the necessary resources like, Roynat Financement, Rcap Leasing , National Leasing Group, et Crédit Clé to insure a steady growth and to provide the best possible leasing service to it’s clients.

  • - No opening charges;
  • - Tax benefits;
  • - Confidentiality and professionalism;
  • - Competitif rates;
  • - Conserve Working Capital;
  • - No administration fee;
  • - Decades of experience in leasing to better advise you;
  • - Full service leasing .

Discover the various benefits of making leasing; your financing method!


We support companies
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Leasing brokers equipment

Ease of Acquisation, typically arranging Equipment finance can be done quickly and payment promptly thus ensuring no costly hold ups on customers Equipment acquisitions.

Leasing and financing solutions

Seasonal Fluctuations, some industries are seasonal by nature, and structuring a lease can be quite beneficial, monthly, quarterly, semai-annual as well as annual lease payments are offered to commercial entities who might require such for cash flow requirements.

Leasing solutions and brokers

What we lease, Computers, printers, scanners, electronic, digital editing, Imaging, Networks, 100% software. Photographic & Digital , cameras, mini labs, office equipement, copieurs, fax, partition panels, mailing machine, trade show booths

Leasing for restaurants

Restaurant, & hospitality equipment, hotel / motel , bar.. Mev, POS system (point of sales) , table, diswasher, counter's , ice machine, graders, refrigeration, slicers, freezers, rangers, juicers, coffee Equipment

Industrial equipment financing and leasing

Industrial Equipment, machine Tools, drilling/tapping, gear cutters, ged mills, cutting Tools, EDM machines, lasers, welding, inspection Equipment, robotics, maintenance , pressure washers,

Office furniture and equipment leasing

Office furniture, technology & communication, Health sector, Agriculture, various machinery, lifts, transportation, trailers, golf, racking and much more


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